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aktiv05  large
Speaker Monitor ESI aktiv05
Kode : ESI aktiv05
Deskripsi :
Build upon the legacy of our famous nEar05 models, the new aktiv 05 near field reference monitor take professional level   5″ near field monitoring speakers for the entry level to yet another level.

The monitor boasts an ultra-flat low frequency response with its newly designed   larger silk dome tweeter and the top quality kevlar 5″ driver delivers unparalleled   punch in the low-mid frequency – a major improvement over the paper and polypropylene   drivers used in most comparable products. ESI was the first vendor using kevlar   for studio monitors in this price range as material inside the low frequency   driver. Other vendors have since copied our idea, however there is much more   to excellent sound of aktiv 05. A new tuning of all components by our engineers   in Germany and the use of the completelely new crossover design, turn aktiv   05 into yet another milestone in the ESI studio monitor legacy.
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