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d X32 CORE P0AWP Top Front XL  large
Mixer Digital Rak Behringer X32 Core
Kode : Behringer X32 Core.
Deskripsi :
It’s a “One-Rack Attack”! The X32 CORE takes the brain of the flagship X32 digital mixing console and packs it all into a single rack space. Combine the X32 CORE with our S16 digital snakes to effortlessly run sound with high I/O counts in multiple locations. Dual AES50 networking CAT5 connectors allow for up to 96 remote inputs and 48 output channels to be controlled from and processed by X32 CORE. All of this can be managed concurrently from various locations and instances of our free control software applications, XiQ, XiControland XControl.
Spesifikasi :
  • 40-input channel, 25-bus, 1U rack-mountable digital mixing core for live and installed sound application
  • 48-channel Digital Snake ready** via dual AES50 ports, featuring KLARK TEKNIK’s SuperMAC networking capability for ultra-low jitter and latency
  • 32 x 32 channel USB 2.0 audio interface
  • iPad* and iPhone* apps for professional remote operation available free of charge—no host PC required
  • 2 TRS outputs for local monitoring plus talkback mic input with trim control and front panel phones connector
  • Main LCR, 6 matrix buses and all 16 mix buses featuring inserts, 6-band parametric EQ's and full dynamics processing, plus 8 DCA and 6 mute groups
  • Virtual FX rack featuring 8 true-stereo FX slots include high-end simulations such as Lexicon 480L* and PCM70*, EMT250* and Quantec QRS* etc.
  • Networked remote control for show setups with on-screen software editor via Ethernet
  • Powerful scene management for convenient handling of complex productions
  • USB type-A connector providing file storage and uncompressed stereo recordings plus show presets and system updates
  • ULTRANET connectivity for BEHRINGER's P-16 Personal Monitoring System**
  • Built-in expansion port for audio interface cards or digital networking bridges
  • MIDI In/Out for remote scene recall or controlling other MIDI equipment
  • Future firmware updates, incl. new FX “Plug Ins”, downloadable from free of charge
  • Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany
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